Working together to provide equal opportunities

Multitask has always been dedicated to ensure people of all abilities and disabilities — their families and the community as a whole — work together and are provided with equal opportunities.

A public meeting in June 1952 lead to the formation of a branch of the Subnormal Children’s Welfare Association. A school called Kayleena was formed for the benefit of children with intellectual disabilities.

In 1968 a Business Services unit was established to enable attendees to find gainful employment and further develop their skills in the workplace.

An Activity Therapy Centre was set up in 1979 designed to promote personal development to gain maximum independence and self sufficiency, and in 1980, the first residential house was opened.

To bring all these wonderful services under one unified umbrella, in 1984 the services came together and became known as the Lismore Challenge Foundation of NSW.

Since then, we have continuously expanded our wide range of services to  people with disabilities and we proudly now offer Business Services, Day Services, Residential Services and Children’s Services.

None of what we and our clients now enjoy would have been possible had it not been for the dedication and vision shown by parents and citizens back in 1952. Their fundraising and support paved the way for Multitask to shine as it does today.

The name Multitask came into being in 2007 as it truly expressed precisely what we offer our community — quite simply it is what we do.

We proudly continue to follow the pathway to support and meet the needs of our Community through flexible and innovative programs.