Current Vacancies

There are no current vacancies.

Unsolicited applications

If you would like to send a resume for prospective employment, the email address is If you are interested in a role as a Family Day Care Coordinator, please specify which region you are interested in.

If you are applying for a role as a Support Worker or Team Leader, please let us know where you would like to work, e.g. Tamworth, Kempsey, Grafton, Lismore surrounds and we will add you to a database of candidates to contact to let you know when we next recruit. We will keep your resume on file for three months. You will need to fill in an application form online when the vacancy arises. There is a 3 month program of training and orientation for Support Workers. To maintain consistency, we generally recruit Support Workers on a group basis, so everyone receives the same training and support.


All about being a Support Worker

What does a support worker do?

Have you got what it takes to work in disability services?