Day Services

Day Services provide meaningful programs and activities based on identified interest by the client group.  These include educational, health, lifestyle, social programs within our broader community. Our day service centres operate in Lismore and Mullumbimby and support over 50 people.

Each person participates in developing an Individual Plan (IP) which is based on their hopes and dreams. This then determines and directs the programming offered within the service. The activities range from 1-on-1, to small group training, and are located in either the community or at the centre.

We offer a wide range of program options which can include cooking skills, shopping and banking, art and drama classes, personal care skills, augmentative communication aids (COMPIC and Makaton), developing leisure and recreational skills and interests such as bush walking, sport and music.

Vocational skills include gardening/nursery skills, woodwork, and garden maintenance.  

Physical fitness areas include gym, walking, aerobics, yoga, and dance.

We support and promote social inclusion and are involved with activities such as the Lantern Parade, Community Walking Group, Lismore Community Garden and support active and meaningful community connections.

Operating principles of Day Services programs (sourced from ADHC)

1. Person centred planning

All planning and services provided should reflect the needs and aspirations of the adult and their families/carers. They should have control over important decisions in their lives and be supported to pursue individual interests and meet defined short and longer term goals. All of these elements should be reflected in the participant’s Individual Plan.

2. Strengths based 

All planning and services should focus on the individual’s strengths and capabilities. This emphasis should inform the setting of individual goals and activities and the provision of support that is linked to long term and future planning.

3. Life stage appropriate and needs based

We will offer support and activities that are appropriate to the individual’s life stage and age or adjusted-age. These activities should include a range of options that are compatible with activities undertaken by other members of the community of a similar life stage and share common interests.

4. Social inclusion and participation in the community

We will assist participants to build and maintain their support networks and social groups within the community. We will do this through providing both formal and informal links to enable connections to be made. We will also do this by providing opportunities to contribute to, and benefit from, community life. 

5. Flexibility and choice

We will cater for the participant’s changing needs, interests and skills as they age. We will also cater for what they and their family/carer identify as new goals and needs that may result from the individual’s changing circumstances and interests.

6. Healthy and fulfilling lifestyles

Participants will be supported to maintain and extend their healthy lifestyles through a mixture of support and activities focused on physical, mental and social development.

7. Culturally appropriate and accessible

We will understand and be respectful of the cultural mix of their communities and those of individuals and their families/carers participating in the Program. We will design access and service delivery strategies and programming options that are culturally appropriate and suitable to a broad range of individuals.

8. Integrated and collaborative practice

We will work in partnership with the participants, their families/carers and other individuals significant in their lives. We will also work with other parts of the disability and mainstream service system to ensure adult day programs are integrated into local service networks.

9. Evidence based and continuous improvement

We will aim to utilise all available research and evidence to ensure their programs are based on good practice principles and service delivery models.   

10. Efficient and cost-effective

Services will be provided in an efficient and cost-effective manner within agreed funding guidelines and in order to meet both funding agreements and Individual Plan outcomes.